I'll Have to Check My Calendar

Location: Eluxury
Fashion Favor: Louis Vuitton Agenda

Just ask Dee, I have been wanting the large Louis Vuitton agenda for like, forever! I actually had the medium monogrammed one for a few months but I sold it on Ebay - it was not big enough. Ever since then, I have gone back and forth - do I need it? Do I really need it? I have a BlackBerry, but I'm an old-fashioned girl who likes to write things down and If I don't it's as good as gone from my brain. Well, last Christmas, I gave LV my heart and the very same day they shipped an agenda my way (WHAM 4 EVAH!) and now I can't stop writing in her. I paid full price but the fashion favor is that they had it in stock when I went to buy it. It's usually sold out but there was one waiting just for me.

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Fashion Favor Flashback

Location:Neiman Marcus' Last Call
Fashion Favor:Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby d'orsay
Only God himself could have told moi that I would find a pair of one of the most coveted style of Manolos at Last Call. Perched up high on the shelf under the "Take an additional 20% off". Got those beauties for $228 compared at $675 retail. My enabler...I mean best friend issued a strict order to get em. She is in love with the stolen silver version featured on the oh so popular episode of Sex and the City. Once I slipped them on...I could relate to how Carrie felt when they were stolen...because they steal your heart instantly.

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Pinny for Your Thoughts

Fashion Favor:Guess Pinny heels
Trust me when I say I was in need of a pair of leopard print heels. Can't think of true diva in action that doesn't have atleast one pair. I am most definately slacking. By Golly!...they look oh so sexy on. Yes, these are the type of shoes that your husband would want you to keep on. Talk about walking on the wild side. Yummy!

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I would rather go Naked

Location: Saks Fifth Avenue
Fashion Favor: Chanel Naked Flap
Okay today I have to get straight to the point because I am talking about one of my loves:Chanel. It is amazing whenever I say I want something,God hears me. It is not as if I don't have enough. I wanted a flap. I didn't really care what kind of flap...I wanted a flap. It is one of the most classic pieces amoug the Chanel elite. It being Naked just makes it a collector's must have. I know plastic..come on...it should be $100...but we are talking Chanel. Here's my humble opinion:if you are a die hard fan or lover of anything..money is never an issue. Saying that, I called each and every Chanel boutique including the ones located in Saks,Bloomies and Neimans. I finally found 2:a stand alone Chanel boutique in Vegas(full price:$895) and the boutique at Saks in NYC(on sale:$320). Guess which one I picked?...tee hee hee.

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Horse and Carriage

Location:Prime Outlets,Orlando, Fl
Fashion Favor: Coach Bleecker Carriage scarf
My goal was to locate some Coach goodies for mom. She was as hyped as I was entering the Coach outlet. Never a let down in my book. We browse. We mingle. Like posh upper eastsiders. Either Blair(Warner or Waldorf) would be so proud. I try to contain myself but the clearance section was calling my name. I felt it in my bones. Fashion favor lurking. I see a couple of things FF worthy; however, they didn't really pull at my heart strings much less my purse strings. Scarf box!! It never dissappoints. Ole reliable. I noticed on the top shelf the beloved word, "Additional". And did I see what I think I am seeing...50%. ADDITIONAL 50%!!!!! MY EEEEYYYYEEESSS. Had to calm down because I could just be dreaming. So I calmly feel through the scarf box. Found two of the cutest scarves(Bleecker Carriage). 19.99 was the red price. So that would be additional 50% off of 19.99??? I had to ask the SA. Because I refuse to be shamed at the register. Not to say that 20 bucks wasn't worth it but to get it at $10...who would have thought that could ever happen. Certainly not I. But with God, all things are possible. Once I verfied with the SA, that yes indeed it was $10...I felt my legs turn to stone. I refuse to move from that spot. I see my loved ones over yonder. I beckon to them to get to me...STAT! I could not even get the words out of my mouth fast enough. My mom was asking was there another. She ordered me to grab both. They were ours for the taking. At that moment...she had mounted on wings of angels and floated to checkout. I heart when she visits.

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Chains of Love

Location: Neiman's Last Call
Fashion Favor: Manolo Blahnik Stone and Chain thong sandals
I always have to start with Last Call when I hit the Prime outlets. For me, it sets my shopping mood. Keep in mind, the footware is either gonna be a hit or miss..literally. When it is a hit...it is hit. When it is a miss...it is a mess. Yes, I said mess. Note, I was just at Last Call the previous week and it was a mess moment. Sooooo I scan the racks...and what do I spy with my lil eye...a beautiful pair of white Manolo Blahnik Stone and Chain thong sandals for a whopping 85 buckaroos...CHA..CHING!!! At one glimpse of the price, they had my heart and my dollars.

Manolo Blahnik Stone and Chain thong sandals

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Playing the Ponies

Fashion Favor:Ralph Lauren Pony tote
I initially went in to see if the DVF wheeled city bag had been mark down yet again(needed it for an upcoming fantastic voyage). And much to my surprise, it was not. Eventually it did get marked down. Alas that is another fashion favor adventure left for another day. I turn the corner to survey the clearance candy in the handbag section...low and behold, tucked in that back, looking a lil dusty was the beauty pictured belowed. At the price of $10(RP $115), I was off to the races...oops...I meant registers.

Medium Pony Tote

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Maria Rocks!

How do you lovies like our new logo and signatures? Thanks to Maria Frey, a lovely and talented web designer, we now have a logo to match our fabulous fashion favor style. Thanks Maria! Dee and I love you and your work!

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Lets Hear it for the Boys!!!

Location: St Pete Times Forum ,Tampa
Fashion Favor: NKOTB button
Soooooooooooooo Britt and I went to see NKOTB(New Kids On The Block for those not in the know). How could we possible have fashion favor at a concert? Well,kiddies, God's favor is with us always. Let's start off with the fact we HATED our seats...so the ever inventive mind of Britt locates seats that have no butts as owners. If we were talking real estate, they would be considered a prime location. Natasha Bedingfield informed us once she is done, the boys will hit the stage in 15 minutes. It was either now or never. During the dash, we made mental notes to get some super sweet mementos before we jet back home. Well our subconscious minds must have known favor was afoot because as soon as we passed the first of many New Kids product booths, we stopped instantly. We zoned in on the ginormous NKOTB buttons. Being retro fanatics, only the ones showcasing the guys from yesteryear would do. There we were idling while others were served. Then we were up. Britt points to the object of our desire. The vendor heads to the shelf, plucks one out,Britt pays and waits. My turn. I tell him same one, he reaches in...NOTHING! He comes back, grabs the one on display and tells his partner...there go the last two of that kind. I couldn't hand over the money fast enough and almost grabbed button out of his hand. Now we were just thinking: okay for that booth they are out of em. WRONG!!! A friend of a friend's sister attended the concert as well and once she saw our buttons she just had to have it. She hit not one,not two,not three, not four but five booths. ALL OUT!!! Hearing that made us want to just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance.

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On Cloud 9

Location: Ross
Fashion Favor: Nine West Meshes boots
I discovered a low-heeled pointy toed boots to replace the 6 inch pair I gave away. They were too high. Yes...even for me. Once again the find was one that could had been missed. I was waiting for my mom to gather her loot and head to checkout. I looked down at a growing cluster of shoes/boots piled in one section on the floor. Hey,I didn't do it. I just felt sorry for the SA that had to deal with that mess. I spied with my lil eye one half of the pair that looked interesting. I felt like I was playing duel roles from the Cinderella fairytale. I now knew how the prince felt:searching for the other foot. PRESTO!!! Found it tucked under the try on bench. Now to switch roles: make like Cinderella and try em on. I can always rely on Nine West to make a really great boot. They fit like liquid leather and for $17.99 compared at $119...chic and cheap. That's the way I like it.

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Fashion Favor Flashback: July 2008

Location: Premium Outlets,Orlando
Fashion Favor: Coach Python Turnlock bracelet
Soooo I stroll into the Coach Factory Outlet. They have a way of making me feel like Christmas comes early each time I visit. There I was surrounded by the usual glorious goodies found in any fashionista's stocking: wristelets ,scarves,keychains,bracelets. Ah,yeeesssss...the bracelets! Which leads me to the subject of my flashback. That day, I had decided I really didn't need...I wanted. There isn't anything actually wrong with wanting. I just didn't have that need pulling in my gut that generally prompts me to electric slide to the register. On my way out, I decided to give the boxes at the checkout counter an once over. Low and behold...exotic skin catches the corner of my eye: a bracelet wrapped in Python. Doesn't hurt to check the price, right? I mean, seriously, anything is better than the suggested retail price of $178. Just a peek...Is this reality?!? $29.99??? All I could think was help my eyeeesssss and hand over my credit card.

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Juicy Gotcha Crazy

Destination: Shopping with my BFF Dee.

Location: Prime Outlets Orlando
Fashion Favor is in the air. I can feel it as I weave in and out my favorite stores. What's this? The Juicy Couture outlet is still having its 40% off sale. As I browse the racks for the second time in two weeks, I spy with my little eye a jaunty little terry dress. It's grey with yellow flowers and begging to be worn by Moi. Let's see, 40% off of $96.60...waitttttttt...what's this pink sticker?! BINGO! Pink is the new red because this little gem has been reduced to a measly $34.99!!! If you don't believe me, see the original price for yourself on sale at Bloomies - and the sales prices is still over DOUBLE what I paid.

Bloomies = $82.80

Fashion Favor = $34.99

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Call a Spade a Spade

Location: Marshalls.

Fashion Favor:Kate Spade Elsa Sunglasses
Okay so baby needs outfit for church because his loopy mom (A.K.A. Me) left his fully packed overnight bag at home. I had located what I needed and I was on my way to the check outline, when it dawned on me that there were a pair of Kate Spade sunnies (Elsa) that I have been eyeing since they first made Marshall's their foster home. For about three months, the asking price was 39.99 which isn't bad. Since I had them under heavy surveillance, I knew they would start the typical clearance ritual...drop it by $3, maybe $4. Patience is a pearl,my dears. So I held out...like a feverish fashionista bidding on a pair of the highly sought after Christian Louboutin on Ebay. Finally...Fashion Favor strikes...$10. In one clean swoop, they were in the cart and coming home with momma.

P.S....I have also thrown in a picture and link to how much they are currently going for online.

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