Fashion Favor at Florida Mall

The Fashion Favor gals love Florida mall. It's one of the largest malls in Central Florida and there is no end to the deals and trends you can find. Check out what a travel insider had to say about it!

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Butterfly Kisses

Location: Buffalo Exchange, NYC
Fashion Favor: Louis Vuitton Papillon Bandeau
I was already too excited about my trip to New York City with my Bs(Brittany and Bhoranie). Oh the endless possibilites. So could you even imagine the joy that I experienced when I found the beauty pictured below. It had almost became a missed opportunity. Earlier I gave the showcase a once over as I passed it. I didn't see anything appealing. Browsed throughout the store. Came up empty handed. Out of deseperation, I checked the showcase one more time. Staring back at me, was the Louis Vuitton Papillon Bandeau in purple. She was posted up behind the glass. Like an orphan or pound puppy. I recalling having it on my list on Eventually I removed it because it was no longer available. That is the price you pay in regards to limited edition items. I quickly asked the SA for the price and she quickly responded with $50 and it came with the box. I yelled for Britt to come..quickly. She is my resident LV expert. Once she gave it the thumbs up,its was on its way back to Florida.

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American Appeal

Location: Prime Outlet, Orlando, Fl American Apparel
Fashion Favor: Fine jersey T dress
I can't get enough of American Apparel. Simple clothing that can be styled up or down. Especially the T dresses. I was in need of some Britt time, so we bonded over two of our favorite Ss: sushi and shopping. This is where American Apparel comes in to play. While browsing the outlets, we stopped by American Apparel and discovered the T dresses were not only at the outlet store but on sale for $10 and if ya bought two or more I believe $8 each. I thought ebay was the only way to get a deal on these beloved dresses. As much as I adore em...$26 is way too much for two panels of cotton sewn together. Britt grabbed three. I went back and grabbed one. Now do I really need one in asphalt and red?! I need to strangle my inner Rainbow Bright.

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Location: Ross, Florida
Fashion Favor: linQ Hoodie Swing Dress minus the hoodie(below the sweater version)
I stopped in Ross to get a coffee mug for hubby for being...well...for being the best hubbs ever. A just because gift. Anyways enough about him. As of late, when it comes to shopping, I am goal-orientated and refuse to deviate. However, instead of heading directly to housewares, I hung a sharp right to the clearance section in the dress department. Tucked among the discounted delights, was a linQ swing dress. Without the hood? Darn! I had seen the same style dress before in peach at another Ross for $7.49. Peach! Really? Now it was here in black for $4.99. A far cry from the original pricing of $74($168 with the hood). To think I vowed to shop my closet this year. Shhh. Let's keep this our dirty lil secret.

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I'm a Miranda

Location: Coach, Prime Outlet,Orlando, Fl
Fashion Favor: Miranda raised stud earrings
I know I could drive the average person batty when it comes to all things fashion. That is why I thank God for Britt. She maybe Charlotte ala SATC fashion wise. But when it comes to SATC friendships she is Carrie to my Miranda. She is able to tread through my obsessions. Que intro of the Coach Miranda stubs that I talked about on a weekly bases named after my SATC namesake(I would like to think). On our second or was it third 20% coupon from Coach, my beloved Carrie makes the trek out to the two local Coach outlets in hopes of scoring. I recall saying to her per our phone conversation while she was at the first, if they get the mirandas...I need em,stat! Also I want em for $30. But I noted that they were still on Coach's website for $58. And the likelihood they would be at either one would be highly illogical. She mentioned that she will bypass the second outlet because she was tired. This was after she told me they had our python turnlock bracelets for $99 when we paid $25 each for our(another talkshow topic). So time passes and my phone rings. Instead of saying hi, I answer with what did you find. I hear...dee, they have em! Have em? In a calm voice, Britt continues they have the mirandas here at an addtional 30% compounded with the 20% via email. I felt like the wind was sucked out of my body. Before I could say hey could you...Britt had them in tow and was headed to checkout with a pair for herself as well. Bring the grand total with tax to 29.22. To quote Luke 6:45 Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If that can work for the earrings, I need to use my powers of good and apply it to my long suffering obsession...the Birkin.

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Cute Coach Key Fob

Only $15 at the Coach outlet with my 20% off coupon. I put it on the Coach clutch Dee got me for my 30th birthday. Look how adorable it is!!!

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Back to the Coach Outlets

For the third time this month, I went back to the Coach outlets because of that darn 20% off coupon they keep sending out. They really know where to hit a Fashionista below the belt. Any who, I got this scarf and key fob for $15 each and the much needed agenda for about $52. Remember the LV large agenda I treated myself to for Christmas last year? Yeah...well it broke - it was defective which is out of the norm for LV. I think it was a fluke but I did not want to take another chance so I got the classic American icon that is Coach. Don't laugh, but I am going back tomorrow - I need a long silver necklace and I think I spotted one last week!

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Another Outlet Deal

While I was at the outlets, I could not help but swing by Dooney & Bourke. And I am glad I did. I scored this tres chic clutch:

It's all leather and only $66. I can't wait to work this into my wardrobe - it goes with everything!!!

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I Blame Coach

So, this has been the second week in a row that Coach has sent out the additional 20% off coupon. And I heeded the fashion call and went out there - again. Here is the loot:

I really needed a designer straw purse and Coach had this beauty for only $80 - I grabbed the yellow scarf for under $15 and the parrot keychain for under $10 and came up with the concept to loop it through. How cute is that?!

That blue scarf is tres chic - and only $20.

I also loaded up on a lot of jewelry - a ring, charm bracelet, stud earrings and butterfly dangling earrings.

Do you like my beauties? Enjoy!

Coach is very Classic. Very American Chic. Loves it!!!

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My Holy Grails

It's not a secret. I love shoes. But can you believe out of all the shoes I have bought, I only have one of three current Holy Grails?!

1. Christian Louboutin Multicolor Glitter - after years of hawking and stalking on ebay, a pair finally showed up in my size. You know I jumped on them right?!

2. Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane (Campari) - there is just no excuse as to why I don't have these yet. I guess I know they will always be there now that the madness from SATC has died down.

3. Manolo Blahnik Sedarby - I really want these but I will probably keep them in my hope chest for my wedding day. I can't justify spending over $700 on a shoe I don't know when I'll get to wear!

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It's So Easy Being Green

Dee and I were obsessed with the Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane when it hit the stores years ago. Because it is a staple in the MB collection, we knew it would never go on sale - that is until they released it in lime green or "Slimer" as affectionately dubbed by Dee.

She debated on getting them but passed - a decision she still regrets to this day, so when I saw Jimmy Choo had some "Slimers", I learned from my Big Fashion Sis and jumped on them.

When they arrived in person, they were not as neon as they looked in the picture which is a good thing. They are a lovely pop of green that my shoe collection desperately needed. The only other shoe I had in the green family were a pair of teal suede aldos with a wood stacked heel. The possibilities of what to wear with these shoes are endless and it is going to be fun working them in my wardrobe.

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Rocker Chic

Talk about Fashion Favor! After spotting this shoe and seeing it was sold out everywhere in my size:

I found it online at The shoe retails for $150 but after using a Karma Loop coupon code and rep code, I got 20% off then 1% off PLUS free shipping for a total of $118. I can't wait to rock these a la Miley Cyrus with some cute, cuffed jeans and a white tee:

Loves it!!!

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YoYo Champ

Thanks to ebay seller shoehottie, I got the Christian Louboutin Yoyo's with the sculpted heel for under $500. I have been wanting this shoe forever and the patent, "grease" effect gives it a sparkly appearance that makes me want to say "There's no place like home!"

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Shopping Coach

The Coach outlet was offering an additional 20% off their already reduced clearance prices so a chick had to take advantage of this limited time offer. I really needed a bag I could wear across my body. I have a couple of swing packs but I wanted something bigger for work and travel. I found a Pink Heritage Hobo.

It retails for $298, was on sale for $229.99 then another 50% off PLUS, I used my 20% off coupon for a total of $97 and some change! What a deal! When it was time to pay, I saw this in a bin on the counter:

It was only $9.99 and of course, I got another 20% on top of that! Woohoo! Fashion Favor!!!

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On the Prowl

Location: Ross department store,Fl
Fashion Favor: Puma Gv Spadrille
So my favorite well only mother-in-law strikes again. Hitting all our favorite haunts when she visits is our bonding time. We heart Ross. Especially the shoe rack. Which houses at the bottom of each rack all the clearanced shoes. Low and behold(literally)...were a lovely striped lilac pair of Puma Gv Spadrilles which retailed for $69.99 but were marked down to...wait for it...$4.99. My mommie-in-law grabs em out of my hand and throws them in shopping cart. Telling me that I,Dee, needs them. Whether by birth or by marriage, mommies are the best!

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Happy Birthday to B!

I turned the big 3-0 on June 1st but my birthday bash was June 6th. Dee and I celebrated in true CL style. Check us out!

Clockwise: Brittany & Dehan

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Coach Fanny Pack

Now I know what you are thinking: fanny packs have gone the way of the 90s but before you judge me, I plan on using it to hold my house keys and ipod while I power walk. And it will look tres chic slung around my waist as I trot around NYC in September.

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Buffalo Girl

When you have Fashion Favor, it tells you when to buy and when to wait. When I first bought the Kimichi Blue Buffalo Pintuck Tunic from Urban Outfitters, I paid full price. I just knew that such a hot top seen on all the celebs would not last long - even though I knew deep down it would go on sale. Well it has and now I am kicking myself because I could have gotten two tops for the price of one. Oh well! I already had the cram and black so I just bought the blue and black plaid for the super low price of $29! They have colors in all sizes still in stock so grab them while you can ladies!

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