Name That Jewelry

I am obsessed with anything fashionable involving my name and I am obsessed with anything "Carrie" from Sex and The City wears. So it's no wonder I am lusting over a ghetto-chic pair of nameplate earrings. Pat Fields has them for a whopping $525 but that is just TOO much. I found a few other affordable options:


What about you Fashionistas out there? Do you like nameplate jewelry? Hit us up on Twitter @fashionfavor and show us a pic. I'd love to see what's in your jewelry box!

 ~ Brittany

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That's The Ticket!

There is nothing like getting highend cosmetics at bargin basement prices. I have been blessed to discover I was able to purchase the YSL Everlong mascara that I have coveted for some time at a discount diving price. I will;however,have to issue a disclaimer: beware of the sticker shock(in a good way) and the damage that your wallet will have to endure. Happy Shopping!

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