Location: Ross, Florida
Fashion Favor: linQ Hoodie Swing Dress minus the hoodie(below the sweater version)
I stopped in Ross to get a coffee mug for hubby for being...well...for being the best hubbs ever. A just because gift. Anyways enough about him. As of late, when it comes to shopping, I am goal-orientated and refuse to deviate. However, instead of heading directly to housewares, I hung a sharp right to the clearance section in the dress department. Tucked among the discounted delights, was a linQ swing dress. Without the hood? Darn! I had seen the same style dress before in peach at another Ross for $7.49. Peach! Really? Now it was here in black for $4.99. A far cry from the original pricing of $74($168 with the hood). To think I vowed to shop my closet this year. Shhh. Let's keep this our dirty lil secret.

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