Lets Hear it for the Boys!!!

Location: St Pete Times Forum ,Tampa
Fashion Favor: NKOTB button
Soooooooooooooo Britt and I went to see NKOTB(New Kids On The Block for those not in the know). How could we possible have fashion favor at a concert? Well,kiddies, God's favor is with us always. Let's start off with the fact we HATED our seats...so the ever inventive mind of Britt locates seats that have no butts as owners. If we were talking real estate, they would be considered a prime location. Natasha Bedingfield informed us once she is done, the boys will hit the stage in 15 minutes. It was either now or never. During the dash, we made mental notes to get some super sweet mementos before we jet back home. Well our subconscious minds must have known favor was afoot because as soon as we passed the first of many New Kids product booths, we stopped instantly. We zoned in on the ginormous NKOTB buttons. Being retro fanatics, only the ones showcasing the guys from yesteryear would do. There we were idling while others were served. Then we were up. Britt points to the object of our desire. The vendor heads to the shelf, plucks one out,Britt pays and waits. My turn. I tell him same one, he reaches in...NOTHING! He comes back, grabs the one on display and tells his partner...there go the last two of that kind. I couldn't hand over the money fast enough and almost grabbed button out of his hand. Now we were just thinking: okay for that booth they are out of em. WRONG!!! A friend of a friend's sister attended the concert as well and once she saw our buttons she just had to have it. She hit not one,not two,not three, not four but five booths. ALL OUT!!! Hearing that made us want to just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance.


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