I'll Have to Check My Calendar

Location: Eluxury
Fashion Favor: Louis Vuitton Agenda

Just ask Dee, I have been wanting the large Louis Vuitton agenda for like, forever! I actually had the medium monogrammed one for a few months but I sold it on Ebay - it was not big enough. Ever since then, I have gone back and forth - do I need it? Do I really need it? I have a BlackBerry, but I'm an old-fashioned girl who likes to write things down and If I don't it's as good as gone from my brain. Well, last Christmas, I gave LV my heart and the very same day they shipped an agenda my way (WHAM 4 EVAH!) and now I can't stop writing in her. I paid full price but the fashion favor is that they had it in stock when I went to buy it. It's usually sold out but there was one waiting just for me.


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