Pretty Particuliere

Yeah, I caved. Honestly, I do my BEST not to jump on the bandwagon in regards to "IT" nail polishes. Hey Black Satin and Fiction don't count. Chanel may be one of my many vices, but I refuse to be blinded by the words..."Limited Edition".  However,I took the dive when I noticed that on every skintone it looked divine. This taupe shade is literally perfect putty in your hands.

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Queens of Hearts

Fashion Favor: Juicy Couture Women's "Broken Heart" Duo Charm
Location: Saks Fifth Ave outlet - Off Fifth
Retail price: $68
Purchase price: $40

Britt and I are a dynamic duo. These charms prove it!

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Happy Having Havaianas

Fashion Favor: Havaianas
Location: Ross Department Store
Retail price: $18
Purchase price: $3.99

I have heard from fab fashionistas like Oprah, Nina Garcia and Britt that havaianas are staple to have in every closet. Getting them at a fraction of the cost moves them from must have to mandatory.

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Second Skin

Fashion Favor: Levis Leather Bomber Jacket
Location: Wilson's Leather Outlet
Retail price: $300
Purchased price: 31.96

I can recall just how long I have wanted a leather bomber jacket. I will say since middle school. Instant rocker chic is what comes to mind. This desire resurfaced resently due to the extended winter weather here in Florida. I almost broke down and bought a faux Forever 21 version. But I just couldn't stomach the idea that it wasn't leather. When I walked into Wilson's Leather Outlet, I noticed the Levis bomber tucked in there among the clearance. They were selling it for 99.98 with two additionals. Grand total 31.96? There is nothing like the feel of discounted leather against my skin.

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