I would rather go Naked

Location: Saks Fifth Avenue
Fashion Favor: Chanel Naked Flap
Okay today I have to get straight to the point because I am talking about one of my loves:Chanel. It is amazing whenever I say I want something,God hears me. It is not as if I don't have enough. I wanted a flap. I didn't really care what kind of flap...I wanted a flap. It is one of the most classic pieces amoug the Chanel elite. It being Naked just makes it a collector's must have. I know plastic..come on...it should be $100...but we are talking Chanel. Here's my humble opinion:if you are a die hard fan or lover of anything..money is never an issue. Saying that, I called each and every Chanel boutique including the ones located in Saks,Bloomies and Neimans. I finally found 2:a stand alone Chanel boutique in Vegas(full price:$895) and the boutique at Saks in NYC(on sale:$320). Guess which one I picked?...tee hee hee.


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