Laptop Chic


Fashion Favor: Acer Aspire One Case

I have been looking for a cute little laptop case to match my equally cute new mini laptop when I finally found her online. Notice the city skylines, newspaper feel and hot pink script. It kind of has a SATC feel to it. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.

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Its The Questionnaire That Drives Us

Location: Zgallerie
Fashion Favor: The Fashion Questionnaire by Assouline
I have a new found passion for window shopping. Zgallerie is one of my passion's pretty poisons. Looking ever so posh on a table marked 50% off was a book I had on my wishlist for christmas. Alas it sold out. Hence the reason why I grabbed it so fast. Not truly believing that it was in my hands and on sale. At the counter, they took an additional 10% off all clearance items. Fashion Favor squared? My favorite part of this story is the added bonus: at the end of the book there are blank pages for me and my fashionista friends to fill out. To channel Curtis James Jackson ala 21 questions..."I'll ask 23 quesitons and they all about fashion".

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I Got Carrie-ed Away

Location: Books-a-million
Fashion Favor: Sex and the City Trivia game
I knew once the series was over, Satc addicts would gooble up any and everything Carrie related. With the movie looming...forget about it. Even though I had my baby browns fixed on the game, it was already gone from the HBO site years ago. So imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and spotted it...the last one of its kind...well at least the last one of its kind at this Books-a-million anyway. I said self your bday is fast approaching, you could add it to the ever growing list of things you deserve. I turned it over just to verify that it still cost 39.95. Blink..blink...what's this?!? $10?!? The price tag is just that...a regular price tag. Not your standard clearance tag. Hey sales associate...yoohoo...price check,please. Scan...beep... $10. Mistake you favor you ask...yes.

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Sheeeeeeee's Baccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

Location: Foot Candy Shoes
Fashion Favor: Christian Louboutain She's Back

I have been feening for my first pair of Christian Louboutain but it seemed as if everytime Saks or Neimans was having a sale online, it was not low enough or they did not have my size. Thanks to Fashion Favor, I was able to get these hot pink, multi-colored Lou Bou's for less than 50%.

If these beauts look familiar to you, you may recall seeing them on the feet of Atlanta Housewife Sheree.
But guess what? They look so much better on my toesies! Tee hee!

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Fashion Favor Flashback: Green With Envy

Fashion Favor: Christian Louboutin Menorca 130
If I could get myself to wear epadrilles year round..CLs would be at the top of my "wear-em-to- death" list. Espadrilles are addictive for me. You name a shoe brand and most likely have em espadrilles. So during's annual sale in 2007 , I could not believe my eyes. They had the lovelies pictured below marked down from $310 to $100. All that satin..all green literally and ripe for the pickin.

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Deluxe Deal

Location: Walden Books
Fashion Favor: Deluxe:
Happy New Year is definately how I felt when I chance upon this. Lately, my husband has been asking me to pick up a book. What happened to my "reading-is-FUNdamental-wife"? Doesn't reading to my sons count for anything? After doing the expected after holiday exchanges, he insisted that we go to a bookstore. We decided to wonder over to Walden Books. While waltzing in...I felt feverish from a fashion favor looming. I had not made it five feet in the door when I see the bargin bin looking mightly lonely. There on top was Deluxe by Dana Thomas. I have heard that it is required reading for all divas, fashionistas,chicettes, style mavens and glamazons. It is one of those books that ya tell yourself you will day. Well today was that day. I knew it was released last year. Which made me ponder why it was in the bargin bin? But who am I to question how favor works. I had to research and sure enough I found it still being sold at the retail price. All I can say is "It's delightful, it's deluxe, and at $'s definately de-lovely".

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