Fashion Favor Flashback: July 2008

Location: Premium Outlets,Orlando
Fashion Favor: Coach Python Turnlock bracelet
Soooo I stroll into the Coach Factory Outlet. They have a way of making me feel like Christmas comes early each time I visit. There I was surrounded by the usual glorious goodies found in any fashionista's stocking: wristelets ,scarves,keychains,bracelets. Ah,yeeesssss...the bracelets! Which leads me to the subject of my flashback. That day, I had decided I really didn't need...I wanted. There isn't anything actually wrong with wanting. I just didn't have that need pulling in my gut that generally prompts me to electric slide to the register. On my way out, I decided to give the boxes at the checkout counter an once over. Low and behold...exotic skin catches the corner of my eye: a bracelet wrapped in Python. Doesn't hurt to check the price, right? I mean, seriously, anything is better than the suggested retail price of $178. Just a peek...Is this reality?!? $29.99??? All I could think was help my eyeeesssss and hand over my credit card.


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