Horse and Carriage

Location:Prime Outlets,Orlando, Fl
Fashion Favor: Coach Bleecker Carriage scarf
My goal was to locate some Coach goodies for mom. She was as hyped as I was entering the Coach outlet. Never a let down in my book. We browse. We mingle. Like posh upper eastsiders. Either Blair(Warner or Waldorf) would be so proud. I try to contain myself but the clearance section was calling my name. I felt it in my bones. Fashion favor lurking. I see a couple of things FF worthy; however, they didn't really pull at my heart strings much less my purse strings. Scarf box!! It never dissappoints. Ole reliable. I noticed on the top shelf the beloved word, "Additional". And did I see what I think I am seeing...50%. ADDITIONAL 50%!!!!! MY EEEEYYYYEEESSS. Had to calm down because I could just be dreaming. So I calmly feel through the scarf box. Found two of the cutest scarves(Bleecker Carriage). 19.99 was the red price. So that would be additional 50% off of 19.99??? I had to ask the SA. Because I refuse to be shamed at the register. Not to say that 20 bucks wasn't worth it but to get it at $10...who would have thought that could ever happen. Certainly not I. But with God, all things are possible. Once I verfied with the SA, that yes indeed it was $10...I felt my legs turn to stone. I refuse to move from that spot. I see my loved ones over yonder. I beckon to them to get to me...STAT! I could not even get the words out of my mouth fast enough. My mom was asking was there another. She ordered me to grab both. They were ours for the taking. At that moment...she had mounted on wings of angels and floated to checkout. I heart when she visits.


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