On Cloud 9

Location: Ross
Fashion Favor: Nine West Meshes boots
I discovered a low-heeled pointy toed boots to replace the 6 inch pair I gave away. They were too high. Yes...even for me. Once again the find was one that could had been missed. I was waiting for my mom to gather her loot and head to checkout. I looked down at a growing cluster of shoes/boots piled in one section on the floor. Hey,I didn't do it. I just felt sorry for the SA that had to deal with that mess. I spied with my lil eye one half of the pair that looked interesting. I felt like I was playing duel roles from the Cinderella fairytale. I now knew how the prince felt:searching for the other foot. PRESTO!!! Found it tucked under the try on bench. Now to switch roles: make like Cinderella and try em on. I can always rely on Nine West to make a really great boot. They fit like liquid leather and for $17.99 compared at $119...chic and cheap. That's the way I like it.


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