Juicy Gotcha Crazy

Destination: Shopping with my BFF Dee.

Location: Prime Outlets Orlando
Fashion Favor is in the air. I can feel it as I weave in and out my favorite stores. What's this? The Juicy Couture outlet is still having its 40% off sale. As I browse the racks for the second time in two weeks, I spy with my little eye a jaunty little terry dress. It's grey with yellow flowers and begging to be worn by Moi. Let's see, 40% off of $96.60...waitttttttt...what's this pink sticker?! BINGO! Pink is the new red because this little gem has been reduced to a measly $34.99!!! If you don't believe me, see the original price for yourself on sale at Bloomies - and the sales prices is still over DOUBLE what I paid.

Bloomies = $82.80

Fashion Favor = $34.99


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