Call a Spade a Spade

Location: Marshalls.

Fashion Favor:Kate Spade Elsa Sunglasses
Okay so baby needs outfit for church because his loopy mom (A.K.A. Me) left his fully packed overnight bag at home. I had located what I needed and I was on my way to the check outline, when it dawned on me that there were a pair of Kate Spade sunnies (Elsa) that I have been eyeing since they first made Marshall's their foster home. For about three months, the asking price was 39.99 which isn't bad. Since I had them under heavy surveillance, I knew they would start the typical clearance ritual...drop it by $3, maybe $4. Patience is a pearl,my dears. So I held out...like a feverish fashionista bidding on a pair of the highly sought after Christian Louboutin on Ebay. Finally...Fashion Favor strikes...$10. In one clean swoop, they were in the cart and coming home with momma.

P.S....I have also thrown in a picture and link to how much they are currently going for online.


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