American Appeal

Location: Prime Outlet, Orlando, Fl American Apparel
Fashion Favor: Fine jersey T dress
I can't get enough of American Apparel. Simple clothing that can be styled up or down. Especially the T dresses. I was in need of some Britt time, so we bonded over two of our favorite Ss: sushi and shopping. This is where American Apparel comes in to play. While browsing the outlets, we stopped by American Apparel and discovered the T dresses were not only at the outlet store but on sale for $10 and if ya bought two or more I believe $8 each. I thought ebay was the only way to get a deal on these beloved dresses. As much as I adore em...$26 is way too much for two panels of cotton sewn together. Britt grabbed three. I went back and grabbed one. Now do I really need one in asphalt and red?! I need to strangle my inner Rainbow Bright.

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