Deluxe Deal

Location: Walden Books
Fashion Favor: Deluxe:
Happy New Year is definately how I felt when I chance upon this. Lately, my husband has been asking me to pick up a book. What happened to my "reading-is-FUNdamental-wife"? Doesn't reading to my sons count for anything? After doing the expected after holiday exchanges, he insisted that we go to a bookstore. We decided to wonder over to Walden Books. While waltzing in...I felt feverish from a fashion favor looming. I had not made it five feet in the door when I see the bargin bin looking mightly lonely. There on top was Deluxe by Dana Thomas. I have heard that it is required reading for all divas, fashionistas,chicettes, style mavens and glamazons. It is one of those books that ya tell yourself you will buy...one day. Well today was that day. I knew it was released last year. Which made me ponder why it was in the bargin bin? But who am I to question how favor works. I had to research and sure enough I found it still being sold at the retail price. All I can say is "It's delightful, it's deluxe, and at $5.99....it's definately de-lovely".


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