I Got Carrie-ed Away

Location: Books-a-million
Fashion Favor: Sex and the City Trivia game
I knew once the series was over, Satc addicts would gooble up any and everything Carrie related. With the movie looming...forget about it. Even though I had my baby browns fixed on the game, it was already gone from the HBO site years ago. So imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and spotted it...the last one of its kind...well at least the last one of its kind at this Books-a-million anyway. I said self your bday is fast approaching, you could add it to the ever growing list of things you deserve. I turned it over just to verify that it still cost 39.95. Blink..blink...what's this?!? $10?!? The price tag is just that...a regular price tag. Not your standard clearance tag. Hey sales associate...yoohoo...price check,please. Scan...beep... $10. Mistake you say...nope...fashion favor you ask...yes.


Bhoranie said...

Oh Gosh...i remember that day! lol

April 21, 2009 at 12:30 PM

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