Tried and True

Doubled recession noted, I attempted to give a drug store foundation a try. FAIL! By mid-afternoon, I had developed 3 nice sized blemishes. Hey I am no snob in regards to saving money but I have learned regardless of the price: stick with what you know. When I first tried NARS Sheer Glow,I instantly fell head over heels. Then I decided to give its sister,Sheer Matte,a go. Again, I clearly fell in love. It seems as if I am wearing nothing on my skin and not one breakout. I forget I am even wearing any type of foundation coverage. Case in point, one night last week I accidentally fell asleep forgetting to wash my face. Oops! Still, not one pimple. I figured hey at the rate that I use it times cost, I come out winning not losing. You can definitely expect it to be featured in this month's Bombshell Betties besties.



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