My Dreamy Jewelry Organizer

I have been eye-balling the Hayworth Jewelry organizer for years but I could not bring myself to pay $350 for it. So when Pier One FINALLY sent out a 20% off coupon out I jumped on it like white on rice. Of course when I got to the store, the Hayworth was on sale for $299 which meant I could not use the coupon. While my mother chided me about quibbling about an additional $20 off I weighed the pros and cons: did I really need it? Did I really want it? Yada yada yada until I found a flaw on the floor model and was able to get an additional 15% off making my savings $100 total! You know I scooped it up without one more hesitation. And now she sits prettily in my room loaded with most of my goods.

- Britt


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