I'm a Miranda

Location: Coach, Prime Outlet,Orlando, Fl
Fashion Favor: Miranda raised stud earrings
I know I could drive the average person batty when it comes to all things fashion. That is why I thank God for Britt. She maybe Charlotte ala SATC fashion wise. But when it comes to SATC friendships she is Carrie to my Miranda. She is able to tread through my obsessions. Que intro of the Coach Miranda stubs that I talked about on a weekly bases named after my SATC namesake(I would like to think). On our second or was it third 20% coupon from Coach, my beloved Carrie makes the trek out to the two local Coach outlets in hopes of scoring. I recall saying to her per our phone conversation while she was at the first outlet...man, if they get the mirandas...I need em,stat! Also I want em for $30. But I noted that they were still on Coach's website for $58. And the likelihood they would be at either one would be highly illogical. She mentioned that she will bypass the second outlet because she was tired. This was after she told me they had our python turnlock bracelets for $99 when we paid $25 each for our(another talkshow topic). So time passes and my phone rings. Instead of saying hi, I answer with what did you find. I hear...dee, they have em! Have em? In a calm voice, Britt continues they have the mirandas here at an addtional 30% compounded with the 20% via email. I felt like the wind was sucked out of my body. Before I could say hey could you...Britt had them in tow and was headed to checkout with a pair for herself as well. Bring the grand total with tax to 29.22. To quote Luke 6:45 Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If that can work for the earrings, I need to use my powers of good and apply it to my long suffering obsession...the Birkin.


Bhoranie said...

They are adorable!!

June 23, 2009 at 4:18 PM
Fashion Favor said...

You can never go wrong with Coach ;-)

March 21, 2010 at 12:06 PM

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