Butterfly Kisses

Location: Buffalo Exchange, NYC
Fashion Favor: Louis Vuitton Papillon Bandeau
I was already too excited about my trip to New York City with my Bs(Brittany and Bhoranie). Oh the endless possibilites. So could you even imagine the joy that I experienced when I found the beauty pictured below. It had almost became a missed opportunity. Earlier I gave the showcase a once over as I passed it. I didn't see anything appealing. Browsed throughout the store. Came up empty handed. Out of deseperation, I checked the showcase one more time. Staring back at me, was the Louis Vuitton Papillon Bandeau in purple. She was posted up behind the glass. Like an orphan or pound puppy. I recalling having it on my list on thethingsiwant.com. Eventually I removed it because it was no longer available. That is the price you pay in regards to limited edition items. I quickly asked the SA for the price and she quickly responded with $50 and it came with the box. I yelled for Britt to come..quickly. She is my resident LV expert. Once she gave it the thumbs up,its was on its way back to Florida.


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