Fendi Favor Part Deux

I have been a needing a wallet for like, for-evah-evah. I was going to get something quick and cheap to tide me over until I could afford something better. I scoured online couture consignment shops, my local outlets and discount stores but nothing. A wallet purchase is a big deal for me because sometimes I don't want to carry a purse - I just want my wallet and my Berry so a wallet is a major fashion statement for me. I got some Fashion Favor yesterday when I browsed BlueFly.com. They had an ultra-chic Fendi zip-around wallet that was 10% off. On top of that, I was able to find a coupon code that gave me another $30 off! I could not pass this beauty up so away she went into my online shopping cart. And now I eagerly expect her arrival sometime next week. I will try to remember to take a pic of her action.



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