Ad"Vert" Your Eyes

Last Friday was the release of Chanel's newest nail collection: Le Khaki De Chanel. It was pure madness. MADNESS! If you wanted any of them: Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun or Khaki Vert, your patience would had been tested. As soon as they were uploaded to the site, gridlock ensued. Because so may of us diehard Chanel fanatics(and loathed ebay resellers) were ready to pounce, the site crashed within 30 minutes. All I wanted was Khaki Vert: a delicious mossy/army/olive green. And after about 7 hours of trying(started at 1:45ish pm and finally checkout at 9ish pm), I had it. It was worth the wait, but what Chanel polish isn't?


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